Cpanel now support the optional apache module mod_spelling using which you can have the optoin for your URLs to load even if they have one spelling mistake or there is one capitalization error, which would give non found 404 otherwise as Linux is cases senstive operating system.

e.g. If you have below URL :

Then after installing mod_spelling and enabling it for this domain the below URLs will also open above page :

And if with one correction the module see more than one options matching the criteria then it will give you option to load any of the available pages.

Below is how you can achieve this.

First run belwow on Cpanel based server :


And select ‘Spelling’ from the available module list for apache.

Once apache/php are recompiled with this option and easyapache finishes, you can put below code in the .htaccess to apply it to any directory/directories :

< IfModule mod_speling.c >
CheckSpelling On
< / IfModule >

Enjoy !

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