Riz Khan on May 15th, 2011

I will be posting a series of posts on scripting starting from some basic commands, control  structures, small scripts and then moving to some complete practical scripts for general server  automation, monitoring, reporting and backups which I would hope one can follow in sequence  and learn scripting. This would be first one in this series of posts […]

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Riz Khan on March 21st, 2011

Linux has powerful set of shell commands using which you can almost achieve anything. Specially combining commands through pipes and redirection can make them more stronger. If you need to find the total file count in a directory in Linux ( CentOS / RHEL etc ) then you can do this using following command : […]

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Riz Khan on February 28th, 2011

As part of their work, system administrators and technicians come across many instances where they have to replace some specific text in scripts or files on server. sed , which stands for stream editor is an excellent utility/language for string editing. Its very powerful and can be used to do many complex string replacements that […]

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