In many situations your resource usage may increase our the time and in this situation one simple way is to upgrade to a bigger and more powerful server. The other possible way is to setup a separate MySQL server just for databases and keep a main server running as Web and Mail server.

CPanel has automated this and provides the options to achieve this under below link in WHM :

WHM >> SQL Services >> Setup Remote MySQL server

This feature allows you to place MySQL databases for your domains on a remote server that is running MySQL, the remote server can be a Cpanel server where you can turn other services of or it can be a simple Linux server with Mysql service running on it.
Using a separate server for MySQL in this way can be useful for busy servers or servers that have large databases, which allows you to offload MySQL related activity/work to the remote MySQL server.

At this connectivity page you will need to enter the valid ssh connection information for the remote MySQL server, and thats all you need to complete this setup by pressing the ‘setup’ button on this page.

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3 Comments on How To : Setup remote and separate MySQL server for cPanel servers

  1. Lungten says:


    I think that’s not all. It looks for MySQL user/password for remote machine somewhere. I haven’t figured that out yet.

  2. Riz Khan says:

    If you are using root password for remote server in /root/.my.cnf and have configured it properly on web server , it should not ask you for that information. But yes there are some custom options possible depending on each scenario.

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