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If you are facing a problem where databases in the Cpanel account are showing 0Mb disk usage, then usually its caused by the related Cpanel configuration being set to 0 (zero).

You can check this by finding the value of parameter ‘disk_usage_include_sqldbs‘ in the cpanel.config file using below :

root@CpanelServer [~]# grep disk_usage_include_sqldbs /var/cpanel/cpanel.config
root@CpanelServer [~]#

If its 0 like in above case, then edit the Cpanel config file at /var/cpanel/cpanel.config and update this parameter and set it to 1 and save the config file.

After that use below command to update the cache :


This should resolve your problem.

Important Note : This fix will only work on Mysql5 servers. For Mysql4 servers this is a known issue and there is no solution available yet for this from Cpanel.

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