Virtouzzo provides a shell utility named ‘vzmlocal‘ , it can be used to clone a vps and comes handy in many situations.

There are multiple reasons for which you may want o clone a vps, like :

  • clone a vps before doing any major installation or changes within vps, so it can be reverted back in case something goes wrong
  • clone a vps or vps template to create a new vps with same OS and applications, e.g. a clone for cPanel vps template to create a new cPanel vps
  • to create a exact replica of a vps to be used as redundant copy of the vps

Lets see how we can use this command to create a vps clone :


above is general syntax , a real time example would be :

vzmlocal -C 145:245
Moving/copying Container#145 -> Container#245, [], [] ...
Syncing private area '/vz/private/145'->'/vz/private/245'
Successfully completed

The above command will create the exact replica of VPS with id 145 into a new VPS who’s id will be 245.

Additional parameters can be used as per requirement , some of the command parameters are below :

  • -s, –fast-sid     :     allows to speed up cloning process
  • -d, –destroy-source   :   destroys the source container after making a clone
  • -l, –skiplock    :   allows to clone the locked containers

You can check the command help for complete options.


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