Parallels provides a packages manager for the vps management which can be used for range of tasks e.g. it can be used to install a new template , to cache a new OS template or to list packages installed on some vps or node.

The same package manager utility can be used to install packages , update packages or remove packages from the vps.

In this short how to , I will describe the vz package manager command syntax for installing yum inside a vps.

When we install a new Linux vps on distribution like RHEL, CentOS or Fedora Core the most important application that we need to further add components and software to the vps is yum. Even if you try to install cPanel on a vps it will ask to install yum first.

Below is the simple command you can use to install yum on a vps :

vzpkg install -p VEID yum

where VEID is the ID of the VPS/VE.
-p or –package parameter is used for installing a package

This will install yum inside the vps for you in one single and simple command.

The complete syntax for the vzpkg install command is below :

vzpkg install [ options ] < CT_ID > | < CT_NAME > < object > [ ... ]

For more details of the command you can check command help on shell or check Virtuozzo documentation from Parallels.

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