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Riz Khan on April 24th, 2010

The Administrator password for a virtouzzo based Windows VPS can be reset following below steps :

– RDP to the Windows Server/node , i.e. connect to it via remote desktop connection
– Open Windows Command Prompt and issue below command :

vzctl set VEID --userpasswd administrator:NEWPASS --save

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Riz Khan on April 24th, 2010

Many times email stops to work in Windows Plesk and requires the email to be reconfigured for the problem domain, this can be achieved using below command :

"%plesk_bin%\mchk.exe" --domain --domain-name=DOMAIN.TLD

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Problem :

Loading Cpanel or WHM Link in browser throws this error :

Internal Server Error

more than 400 attempts to create a session failed

cpsrvd/11.25 Server at

Reason :
This is most of the time caused by the Inodes hitting their limit inside a VPS.

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Check the Inodes usage on the VPS using below command :

df -i

If the usage is indeed 100% then increase the inodes for that vps and then restart it. This will resolve the issue.

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