Importance of Human-Computer Interaction

Importance of Human-Computer Interaction

The study of how computer technology affects human labor and activities is known as Human-Computer Interaction. The world of computing has evolved fast with time. In this age, we moved to the cloud, then to the edge and we are sure that much more is still going to come. We got introduced to 3D printing and augmented reality applications, some of which completely changed our minds and lives.

 Computer technology currently encompasses a wide range of devices, such from traditional computers to smartphones, home appliances, car navigation systems, and actuators like automated lighting.

It is linked to a design field known as Interaction Design, which focuses on how to make computer technology as simple and enjoyable to use as possible. Usability is generally characterized in terms of efficiency, potency, and satisfaction is an important part of the design profession. It currently encompasses practically all types of information technology, and the definition of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) must remain wide.

Evolution of the Computer System

 The area of Human-Computer Interaction has expanded considerably day by day. To operate the early personal computers, you needed a lot of training and, predictably, there were a lot of problems in the user experience but nowadays it develop into easy, reliable, and modern.

Importance of Interaction

 It will be necessary for any project to be more successful, safe, helpful, and functional. It will make the user’s experience more enjoyable, and reliable in the long term. As a result, having someone with computer interaction skills involved in all phases of any product or system development is critical. It is also important to prevent projects from failing.

It makes it easier and accessible to people with a wide variety of talents and knowledge, as well as those who have not finished any official training. It makes software and gadgets more intelligible and useful for everyone by leveraging our everyday knowledge.

When anyone has used genuine paper folders in their daily lives, displaying a visual of a small folder in a computer’s interface helps the user comprehend. Finally, if a system is well-designed using HCI, the user should not have to worry about the system’s complexities and easily handle the tasks. It provides clear, straightforward, and natural interaction.

Applications of Human-Computer Interaction in daily life

Everyday Life

In the age of the computer, it has infiltrated every area of our life. Even if a person does not directly own or use a computer, computers have an impact on their lives too. Some common uses are ATMs, railway ticket selling machines, hot beverage vending machines, etc.

When creating any of these systems or interfaces, human-computer interaction is crucial, whether designing an interface for an ATM or a desktop computer. Human-computer interphase principles should be examined and taken into account to guarantee that the interface is safe, easy, and efficient.

Industry and Business

 It is more significant for any company that relies on computer technology in its operations. The worker is more productive when working with well-designed usable systems since they are not irritated and boost productivity.

It is particularly essential in the design of safety-critical systems like power plants and air traffic control centers. On these occasions, design flaws can have catastrophic consequences, including the death of many individuals.

Accessibility Range

When building systems that are not just functional but also approachable to persons with impairments, human-computer interaction is a critical factor to consider and control the whole situation. The human-computer interaction principle, the idea is to offer everyone secure, usable, and efficient systems, which include people with a wide variety of abilities, skills, and levels of experience and knowledge. Any system that is built using this principle is user-centered approaches and concepts will be as accessible as possible to people with impairments.


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